Photo of Higher Ed Radiology Case Study from Heather Schmuck

Higher Ed Radiology Case Study from Heather Schmuck

By Heather Schmuck




This VoiceThread gives users a chance to critically think and problem solve a real life scenario. This specific VoiceThread is geared toward radiology students currently enrolled within a program who possess some knowledge of pathology and protocols.


I planned it based off of experience that I’ve had in the clinical field. With the advent of computer technology in the imaging sciences, attention to detail in some cases is faltering. I found an example in a textbook of pathology and developed a fictitious patient history that may lead to this pathology. I then implemented bad choices that could possibly take place and questioned the users as to the steps they might have taken in the same scenario.


The goal of the project was to reinforce the importance of proper side marking from a technologist’s standpoint and what implications could result from failure to do so.

Easy Parts

The easiest part was creating the VoiceThread.


The hardest part was student response and trying to entice them to help me complete this.


Like I mentioned before, I utilized images from textbooks and then also incorporated some clipart and images found on the web. I also posted it within my Blackboard course site for easy access for student participation.


Map out your dialogue ahead of time to prevent the need for recording your audio over and over.


This could be an excellent tool for class discussions especially over ethical or professionalism issues.