Photo of Higher Ed from Della Curtis

Higher Ed from Della Curtis

By Della Curtis


Used with graduate students to provide an overview scenario of information literacy and the use of VoiceThread. They respond to a series of questions about information literacy. They are also responsible for responses to another set of questions by their students and teachers.


The project was accomplished as a out-of-class assignment over a two-week period of time. Everything about VoiceThread was easy - creation, technical, tools, etc. The objectives remained the same over the course of the project because it was carefully planned with the focus on what I wanted my students to know and be able to do.The objectives were to demonstrate effective use of VoiceThread; to share knowledge of information literacy instruction with their students; and [to discover] how they envisioned their use of VoiceThread with their students.

My graduate students were empowered, engaged, and excited about using VoiceThread to communicate new knowledge. The next day, several of by grad students used it with their elementary students!

Easy Parts

VoiceThread is a powerful tool for project-based learning. It is the jolt of technology integration juice for education! The grad students later told me that their elementary students begged to make more VoiceThreads - so they did!


Planning a well-organized experience in a new media format.


Enjoy the experience and watch the excitement among adult learners emerge!