VoiceThread Docs / Web Application / Accessibility / Other accessibility features

While VoiceThread does design a number of standard accessibility features like closed captioning and access for screen readers, we also design all of our features with universal accessibility in mind. Below are some of the standard features already included in the standard VoiceThread site and an overview of how we use them to make VoiceThread available to as many people as possible.


VoiceThread Mobile

We offer an iOS app for iPad , iPhone, and iPod touch and an Android app for Android mobile devices. This is a great solution for VT on the go or for users who don’t have access to a computer.



A webcam can be used to record comments and even the central media of a slide. This creates not only a warm, dynamic conversation, but also one that need not revolve around a image.

Webcam recording also allows for an entirely visual conversation, opening online communication to ASL speakers in a way like never before. See an example.


Audio as central media

The ability to use an audio file as the central media allows for a conversation that does not rely on any visual media. This type of conversation can be used by visually impaired users or for speaking practice.

You can also add audio descriptions directly to a visual slide using the newest version of VoiceThread.


Text comment

Text comments are useful for deaf and hard-of-hearing users and those who are either uncomfortable with or unable to use their voices to comment.


Audio and video file commenting

Record a comment using a voice or video recording program, and then upload that file as a comment later. Use this feature to edit the audio or video before uploading, or to record a comment without internet access and upload it once you do have internet access.


Low bandwidth requirements

VoiceThread is designed to use as few bandwidth resources as possible so that it can be utilized on virtually any internet connection. People all over the world, in the most remote of locations, use VoiceThread to communicate.